Débora Bertol | welcome
Welcome to Débora Bertol's website. You will find a selection of her artistic works, exhibitions and publications. This is a transdisciplinary practice...
art work, art project, exhibition, contemporary art, photography, video, installation, digital media, drawing, internet, objects, art, science, philosophy, reason, sensibility
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  • MAC2000 Paris

    I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting my constellation series during the 31st edition of mac2000 Paris, contemporary art event to be held at Espace Champerret, 27-30 ...

  • Le Livre de l’incomplétude

    Le Livre de l’incomplétude, mathematical, collaborative and ongoing ebook project, is online. Participate and share! www.incompletude.com   Le Livre de l’incompl...

  • Mon ciel est différent du tien

    Mon ciel est différent du tien : Expériences Plastiques entre Art, Langage et Science Expo-soutenance de Master 2 Art et Sciences de l’Art   Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorb...

  • Exhibition_ “Historical Constellations” at Observatoire de Paris: WETO

    I’m happy to announce that the “Historical Constellations” series will be exhibited in the Paris Observatory during the WETO, workshops organized by Club Éclipse...

Selected Works

eclipse slide


2D, Mon ciel est différent du tien, Photography


2D, Drawing, Ways to represent the infinite